Thanksgiving 2017 – Glorifying God through Gratitude

Our motto for the year 2017 is to glorify God. How do we glorify Him? There are many ways, and one of them is through our gratitude. Our Heavenly Father is the giver of all good gifts. We owe everything to Him. Offering is a result of our thankfulness and love for God and His work.

Special Offering of Thankfulness

This year, Thanksgiving Day is celebrated on 1 October 2017. It is the time when we bring a special offering in addition to our regular offerings. Let us use the opportunity to bring our special offering of thanks to God on this day. Let us be thankful and glorify God through our gratitude!

Letter from our District Apostle in Seven Languages

With less than a month to go, let us prepare our hearts and minds, and every congregation for this special season. The annual Thanksgiving Letter by our dear District Apostle Mark Woll is meant to be shared with every member and congregation. The letter has been translated into seven languages and can be downloaded below.

Download Thanksgiving Letter 2017 in 7 Languages