Thankful Hearts from Bengaluru Central

Juggling life and trying to find the right balance between spiritual, professional and personal life is sometimes hard. Many times God is forgotten during deadlines and emergencies. For the 45-member church in Fraser Town, Bengaluru, God continues to be priority number one and to celebrate Him; they had a special Thanksgiving Service, which included a Divine Service and fellowship lunch.

The Beauty of a Willing Heart

No Divine Service is like the other. Each Service has a theme, bible verses and a God inspired meditation. Shepherd Daniel and the entire congregation experienced God’s presence and blessings abundantly that day.

The thanksgiving service started with the choir singing the opening hymn, “Now thank we all our God”. The Divine Service was based on Psalm 104:27-28, ‘These all wait for You, that You may give them their food in due season. What You give them they gather in; You open Your hand, they are filled with good.’ Shepherd Daniel spoke in detail about the attitude of a willing heart. He used Psalm 104 to show the congregation how the Psalmist was directing their attention to how God provides for everything in creation. Everything God designed was and is in perfect order. Through the gifts God has given us and through the beauty of creation, each of us get to experience God in a special way.

The service was poignant and touched everyone present. The thankful congregation proceeded to enjoy a delicious biryani and joyful fellowship with each other.

Joy Captured

Some members were eager to share their thoughts and feelings about the service. Here are a few for your reading pleasure.

Globe trotting Katrin

“I was born and brought up in Germany and was part of a small New Apostolic congregation. Ever since I got married, my husband and I have been moving from country to country. Just last year we were based in China where going to church was impossible.

This was my first Thanksgiving service in India and I felt like I was back home in Germany. I clicked many pictures and shared it with my family in Germany. It has truly been a wonderful experience.”

Beaming Brother Elisha

“This was my first Thanksgiving Day experience. Even though my parents were part of the New Apostolic family, I spent a large portion of my growing and schooling years away from them. Being part of this service made me understand the importance of thanksgiving and I will be better prepared next year. I feel blessed to be surrounded by my family.”

Artistic Geeta

“This Thanksgiving service was special to me because I helped in decorating the altar. I am very happy that I could add my own effort for the Lord. Every year we have a thanksgiving service but this year the yummy biryani also added its unique flavor to the day.”

The colorful altar decorations reminded the congregation of the festive season of reaping. The choir’ s beautiful voices added to the festivities and everyone praised God joyfully.

So even while the rest of Bengaluru was hustling and bustling, 45 members from Bangalore Central congregation came together to celebrate God.

Text: Shvta Tandra / BBMH
Images: Robert Maier