Serving the Community Joyfully

What makes a church a beacon in the community? Is it the massive church building with stained glass and a beautifully decorated altar? The priests in holy robes? The outreach programs? No. It is the people. The people who practice love, compassion, mercy, kindness and everything else that Jesus taught them. The congregation in Mattakkuliya strives to be a church that is overflowing with love and kindness.

Spreading Ripples of Love in the Community

The Mattakkuliya congregation in Sri Lanka consists of a sanctuary, seminar hall, dormitory, administration office and people who want to serve the community. Recently the Department of Heath in Sri Lanka organized a blood transfusion drive for general hospitals that offer medical services to patients free of charge.

Wanting to serve their community, the New Apostolic Church Sri Lanka organised a blood donation campaign. About 75 people stepped up – leaders from the church, youth and many people from the community. Many were curious to know more about the church and wondered why they wanted to get involved in this. Members from the church shared that they were a church that went beyond just being part of spiritual activities. They participated in many humanitarian projects and enjoyed serving the community.

The blood donation campaign was deemed a success and everyone who participated was happy to be involved in it. This church made it their mission to never be indifferent to the needs of others. They were happy that they could be an example of love and service to other churches and organizations in the area as well.


Text: Kapila Kekulawala / BBMH
Images: NAC Sri Lanka