Mastering the Art of Words and Images

Even though May is one of the hottest months in Delhi, the youth who attended the two-day workshop in writing and photography did not seem to notice. They were excited to pick up new skills and make new friends.

When the youth from Bhopal, Delhi, Indore, and Raipur gathered in Delhi to be part of a fun filled and enriching two-day workshop in journalism and photography, they were warmly welcomed. The workshop was led by Priest Robert and Sister Rachel. A participant recalls: “It commenced with the delegation of different responsibilities to each one of us. This was followed by a fun part when we played a game that helped us remember each other’s name and yes, we were no more strangers then.”

 The Art of Writing

Sister Rachel started the writing sessions by taking the participants through the rules of writing articles. She took them through grammar, writing styles, and how to play about with words. In order to make sure that everyone got the most out of this workshop, the participants were also asked to write down their expectations regarding the programme.

Budding Photographers

Photography seemed to be everyone’s favourite subject. The room was filled with the sound of clicks. The participants were given cameras and encouraged to capture whatever grabbed their fancy. One of them fondly remembers: “We were free to go out, explore and capture scenes, and let our photography speak for itself.” Priest Robert shared some photography techniques and styles with the participants.

The Fun Continues

Even outside the classroom the youth continued to have rich times of fun and fellowship. The youth had to take care of themselves and their needs, do their own beds, clean and make their living area presentable, serve food and wash the dishes. The youth saw the extra work more as a way to bond with their new friends and less like a chore.

Assignment Day

What better way to test their new found writing and photography skills than with a creative assignment? Each group had to write an article about the Divine Service that was conducted that morning, and take photographs that captured the essence of the Service. Everybody put their best leg forward, each group hoping to be declared the winner.

After two days of intense learning, a participant from Raipur shares her feelings: “We took leave from our jobs, baked ourselves under the rude sun, burnt calories and reached Delhi for this workshop. But guess what – It was really worth it.” The youth returned home thankful for the skills that they picked up, waiting for the next workshop where they could make new friends and pick up new skills.

Words: Pranita Nag / BBMH
Images: Various Contributors