Procedure for Holy Communion in Raipur

Only 17 days from today, around 1000 brothers and sisters will gather in Raipur for a very special Divine Service with Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider. While all attendees are looking forward to a tremendous blessing on that day, some may be wondering how everyone can be served Holy Communion in a peaceful, orderly, and efficient way.

Video explains the “Rotating System”

The planning committees of this year’s Chief Apostle visit have asked themselves not only how it can be done, but also how it can be explained to as many as possible. This has been the wish of Apostle David for a long time, and finally, there is a short video which shows the Procedure for Holy Communion which is called the Rotating System.

By following these instructions, it is ensured that every person receives Holy Communion in an orderly, peaceful and calm fashion, and that the serving completes in a very short time.

All members who will attend the Divine Service are requested to watch and share this video with as many as possible.