Green Gudivada Beckons Her NAC India Family

Sometimes all the sowing, watering and nourishing in the field can fail to produce any harvest in God’s Kingdom. Missionaries and church planters get so discouraged, at their failed efforts that many return back home. Elamarru in Gudivada, Andhra Pradesh, was one such area where ministry work dried up.

Elamarru is known for its coconut plantations, rice mills and acres of farmland. Once upon a time NAC India was active in Elamarru but over the years members started dropping out and soon the congregations disbanded.

Elamarru’s Revival

Even though many years passed, District Apostle Helper David Devaraj did not forget the congregations scattered across Gudivada. Discussions were held and serious efforts were made to revive the congregations. A seminar was organized by Bishop Vijay Kumar and a few other brothers. The seminar was attended by 10 people.

The 10 participants were taken through the 10 articles of faith. After learning about God’s work and more about the NAC India vision, they participated in discussions on Sunday school, youth meetings, choir practice and the Chief Apostle’s November visit to Raipur to conduct a Divine Service.

Excited and Thankful

The seminar was a huge success. The people who worked behind the scenes to plan the seminar were thankful that God answered their prayers and for Apostle David’s involvement. Four congregations have been revived and members can’t wait for Kingdom work to start in earnest.

Text: Gopi Kolusu / BBMH
Images: Gopi Kolusu