Ghugus’ Countdown to November Begins

The people of Raipur are a happy bunch. This November 2017, Raipur has been chosen to host the Divine Service which will be conducted by none other than Chief Apostle Jean Luc Schneider. NAC members in India and abroad have already started preparing their hearts and minds for this event.

Ghugus’ Band of Merry Women

Late Chief Apostle Richard Fehr once said, “Every member of New Apostolic Church is a missionary.” In Ghugus a small group of women missionaries have arisen. They joined forces to create a buzz around the November event. They started custom designing their own badges and invitation cards. They then started visiting homes of church members, friends, and relatives to distribute them. The colourful buttons arouses everyone’s curiosity and the women then have a chance to talk about the event. They encourage people to block the date and register their seats so everyone could make travel and accommodation arrangements well in advance.

Zealous like Zachariah

This year’s theme chosen by Chief Apostle Schneider is “Glory be to God our Father”. When the residents of Ghugus heard about the Chief Apostle’s visit and the special Divine Service being held, they could not contain their joy and enthusiasm: in line with the yearly theme, they hope their faith will grow stronger as they wait for the return of Christ.

Words: Vipin & Jyothi Tandra / BBMH
Images: Stuthi Tandra & Stephen Ramilla