Finally, Our very own Sanctuary

Just like the psalmist cried out in Psalm 84:1-2, “How lovely is your dwelling place, LORD Almighty! My soul yearns, even faints, for the courts of the Lord”, the congregation of Sathampakkam cried out to the Lord for a bigger dwelling place to worship Him. Did the Lord answer them?

Hundred kilometers away from the hustling and bustling Chennai, near Ammoor Koot Road in Vellore lies Sathampakkam, a small town. In the heart of this town a 100-member congregation, mostly made up of youth met regularly to worship God and celebrate Divine Service in a shed.

The young congregation grew and before long, its members outgrew their humble shed. They yearned and prayed for a bigger place to meet and worship God. Their prayers were answered and the idea of constructing a new church building was a great gift for the congregation.

A House of Prayer for Eager Hearts

Construction began in earnest. Materials were sourced locally and at very affordable rates. As the church building took shape, members were happy to notice that their church had a very modern and eco-friendly design – no other house or building in their town looked like the upcoming church building.

Once the building was completed, the 19th of July was set aside to inaugurate the new church. Two days prior to the inauguration, ministers and members from across Tamil Nadu were invited for a special meeting with District Apostle Helper David Devaraj in Sathampakkam. Members from the congregation had planned special programmes for both the days – the Sunday school children and youth filled the evening with song and dance, reciting Bible verses, skits and other fun activities to show their appreciation and excitement towards the new church building.


Making a Joyful Noise

On 19 July, Apostle David conducted a special Divine Service which included a dedication prayer, to inaugurate the new Church in Sathampakkam. A small choir of Tamil tongues contributed to create a holy and divine atmosphere.  Once the service concluded, everyone went to partake of a fellowship lunch that was prepared just for the jubilant occasion.

Words: Immanuel Jonathan / BBMH
Images: Immanuel Jonathan / Archive NAC India
In this article, the bible verse (Psalm 84:1-2) is quoted from the New International Version (NIV).