In the Woods of Borigumma

Prayer, fellowship and fun

A three-day event conducted by District Apostle Helper David Devaraj concluded in Koraput District today with a Divine Service. He was accompanied by two other guests from Bengaluru including Priest Robert Maier and Sister Elizabeth David.

Apostle David David visited the congregations in the villages of Janiguda and Kalaguda where there is a high concentration of the Adivasi (tribal) communities. These communities converse in ‘Bharti’, one of the Odia languages and day to day activities continue despite the area being prone to disturbances.

Building strong bonds

A host of activities were arranged over a period of three days including grand processions with traditional folk music and dances held in honour of Apostle David and his guests. In addition to the fun-filled activities, there were also discussions on social welfare including a talk on ‘waste management’ which was particularly well received by the youth of these regions.

The youth also participated in team building activities such as games, some of which were centered around Bible story telling. It was encouraging to see them participate and co-operate with their friends during the course of these activities.

The perfect ending

Apostle Nanda assisted by translating the Divine Service into the local language of the people. The event ended on a high note when five souls were sealed and five ministers were ordained.

Words: Elizabeth Kumar / BBMH
Pictures: Robert Maier