A Refreshing Weekend for the Youth

Bangalore Youth Trip to Kollegal

Kollegal is a small town located at a distance of about 180 Km from Bangalore, on the banks of the river Cauvery in the state of Karnataka. Known for its silk industry and beautiful scenic spots it is also the home to a wonderful and energetic congregation. Having so much to offer the youth of Bangalore could hardly refuse an opportunity to visit this town.

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Journey to Kollegal

On the 30th of August 2015 the youth from the Bangalore district departed on a weekend trip to Kollegal after receiving a warm invitation from the Kollegal youth. The youth from the two congregations from the Bangalore district, namely Bangalore Central and Adugodi came together and set out on their journey in the early hours of Saturday. The drive from Bangalore to Kollegal took about four hours by the State Transport Bus Service and provided a great opportunity for the Bangalore youth to bond with each other.

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Adventure at the Waterfalls

On arrival the visiting youth were welcomed warmly and joyfully by the local youth of Kollegal, Apostle John Sunder and Bishop Immanuel. The adventure began with a short trip to the waterfalls of ‘Barachukki’ and ‘Gaganachukki’. Here the Bangalore youth received natural refreshment from the spray of the waterfalls and the awe inspiring sights of its natural beauty. These two waterfalls are situated near the island town of Shivanasamudra in the Mandya district of Karnataka.

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An Evening in Local Style

A small and beautiful resort was arranged as the venue of this meet where the youth gathered later to attend a short seminar conducted by the Bishop Immanuel on the fruits of the sprit. The rest of the evening was spent in fun filled fellowship of music, dancing and bonding. The Kollegal youth also prepared food in the style of their local cuisine which was a relishing end to a delightful day.

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Sunday Surprise

On Sunday the youth received refreshment for their spirits when the District Apostle Helper David Devaraj paid them a surprise visit and conducted the Divine Service. After the Divine Service the youth had an opportunity to visit a small silk producing cottage industry and experienced first-hand how silk is obtained from the silk worm and spun to produce the fine thread.

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Overall the trip was a wonderful experience for all the youth involved. Everyone contributed and involved themselves in making the trip a success. It was also an opportunity for a few of the youth from the Democratic Republic of Congo, who accompanied us, to experience some of what our wonderful country has to offer. For the youth of Bangalore it was a blissful weekend in a peaceful place away from the busy streets of the city!

Words: Sunny Sudnyan / Elizabeth Kumar / Esther David
Pictures: Robert Maier / CC Spindler