Victory with Christ – Our Motto for 2016

It has become a nice custom that at the beginning of every year, our Chief Apostle announces a motto which sets the tone for Divine Services, events and social activities throughout the year.

Global Unity in Local Diversity

The motto has been regionally adapted as logos or badges and shows that the New Apostolic Church is a living and colorful community. This underlines the “Unity in Diversity” which India is proudly part of.

motto 2016 - canada 03523015

motto 2016 - badge nacsea 03522474 motto 2016 - badge nacsea 03522354motto 2016 - badge drc est 03522654
A Logo for India

While in South East Asia it has almost become a tradition for the members to receive badges with the yearly motto, it is the first time that a logo has been created in India.

The Indian logo was made in two versions: One is very simple with only two colors and its main use is in a very small size as a signature for e-mails.

motto 2016 - logo india 01

The second version is based on the simple design but comes in different colors and more details. It can be used as a poster or as wallpaper on the computer, tablet or phone.

motto 2016 - logo india 02 artwork

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