Training Seminar for Deacons

A deacon seminar was conducted in Nalgonda district at Hotel Savera from 27th to 29th January 2016. There were total 40 ministers in attendance which included 30 deacons and 10 priests. The main purpose of the seminar was to help the brothers gain a better understanding of the doctrine that forms the base of the New Apostolic Church.

Subject Matter

These three days were packed with information and instructions that would help the ministers gain a better understanding of our faith and enable them to carry out their ministry with more confidence and enthusiasm. They received input on various elements that make up the doctrine of the church.

The seminar included topics such as, the services and functions of the deacon ministry, the Seven Pillars of Faith, which highlighted the beliefs of New Apostolic Christians, the Ten Articles of Faith and also parts of the Timeline Chart. The seminar also covered the importance and relevance of Holy Communion.

Bishop Vijay Kumar, Evangelist Sampath and District Elder Jagjeevan who presented some of these themes were able to make these topics simpler for the brothers to understand. The ministers not only benefited from the skill of the presenters but also from the visual aids, like the projectors and charts, which helped them to process all the information received.

A Boost for the Deacons

The ministers were boosted up by the seminar not only spiritually but also emotionally as they had a wonderful time in the fellowship of each other. During this time spent together the ministers were able get to know one another while also gaining a more clear understanding of their duties and responsibilities.

Words: Jagjeevan Macherla / Elizabeth Kumar
Images: Jagjeevan Macherla