The National Choir gets ready for the Big Day in November

The choristers from various regions of the country gathered together in Raipur, where the Chief Apostle is going to conduct the Divine Service on the 12th November 2017. Whenever this group of choristers comes together they make for a joyful atmosphere, and this time was no different.

A Hearty Welcome to All

As the choristers, the coordinator Priest Samson and the director Deacon Moses arrived, day one brought a certain buzz and special energy to the place at St. Josephs Cathedral in Raipur. It was as auspicious gathering for everyone, accompanied and covered by many prayers. Soon, the whole place was filled with energetic youth who were eager to learn, practice and enjoy a special four-day fellowship. Towards the evening, the youth was busy praising and singing hymns, and their beautiful voices echoed throughout the premises.

Choir practices started at 8 in the mornings and went on till 6 in the evening. The schedule started with praying in the morning the breakfast, lunch and dinner were provided for all.

New Members and a Voice Test for Everyone

It is well known to all the choristers that Priest Samson and Deacon Moses have been appointed as the coordinator and director respectively. During these four days, the efforts of the coordination team were felt by all as a lot of time and attention was given to all the songs. Some new members from Jagdalpur were introduced to the choir, and our beloved director made sure that everyone of them had something to take home and also something to look forward to.

The next day District Apostle Helper David interacted with the youth. He individually made everyone sing, it kept the youth entertained and everyone enjoyed as well. Everyone sung song of their choice and we heard everyone sing individually.

Registrations Ready to Launch

At the same time, there was a brothers meeting for the District Rectors and Ministers of Chhattisgarh and Odisha region. They, too, needed to prepare and coordinate for the Chief Apostle visit, as they would be responsible for the members coming from their working areas.

Both the brothers and the choir were given an introduction about the online registration process which was almost ready for launch. It was quite interactive, with many questions asked and many doubts cleared for everybody.

Donate Today For the Chief Apostle Visit in Raipur

On Saturday evening, Apostle David had dinner with all the choristers. It happened to be his birthday and, of course, the National Choir had prepared something special: His birthday was celebrated with a huge cake, and it was a memorable day for everyone present.

How to get Eternal Life? A Divine Service with Apostle David

Sunday morning started with a Divine Service when Apostle David shared the Word of God with the congregation which was jointly attended by members from Raipur and the National Choir. The bible text was taken from Luke 10:28 – And He said to him, “You have answered rightly; do this and you will live.”

Apostle David elaborated about the lawyer who came up with his question to Jesus (What to do to get eternal life?) – The sermon was so beautiful that it moved a lot of hearts that not only spoke about God’s will and purpose. It was directed at the youth and made them realize the value and importance of being in contact with God.

An Excursion to Gujarati School

In the afternoon hours, Apostle David took all the choristers to Gujarati School where the Divine Service with our Chief Apostle will be celebrated. He first made everyone sing on the open ground, and then took everyone into the hall. There, the National Choir could get a first-hand feeling for the venue and the seating layout.

When entering the auditorium, some of the choir members were reminded of DOTY 2010 in Bengaluru, and all of them got this feeling of being in a place where something truly special will happen soon. They talked among each other excitedly and tried to imagine what it would look like in November, once the hall would be filled with members and everyone would join in the opening hymn. Surely, they concluded, that day with the Chief Apostle will be like Heaven on Earth!

Text: Jennifer Beck / Allen Bruce / Abhishek Jonathan / Karuna Sugnyan
Images: Jennifer Beck / Abraham Mythri / David Devaraj