Spreading the Spirit of Thankfulness

Gratitude and Sharing in Miraj: Divine Service and Visit to an Orphanage

The New Apostolic Church celebrates the festival of Thanksgiving on the First Sunday of October each year. This gives its members an opportunity to express how thankful they are to our dear Heavenly Father for all that has been received. This spirit of gratitude is expressed in many different ways adding to the uniqueness and festivity of this day.

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Grateful for the Space to Express our Thankfulness

The Thanksgiving Service in Miraj was conducted by Pr. Kunal in the newly built hall behind their house. The hall provided ample space for members to gather and express their thankfulness. It was specially decorated for this day and reflected the feelings of joy and thankfulness that the members felt in their hearts.

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Giving is more blessed…

Following the Chief Apostle’s motto from the Pentecost service “It is more blessed to give than to receive”, the congregation decided to put this into practice and do something special on this day. All the food items that were brought to the altar as offerings were given to a local orphanage, thus spreading the spirit of thankfulness.

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After the Divine Service a few of the brothers went to the local orphanage and gave the food items to the children. They spent some time with the children there, where they played songs and talked to them about Thanksgiving and the way the Miraj congregation chose to celebrate it with them.

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It proved to be a truly amazing and blessed experience and a first-hand testimony to the words “It is more blessed to give than to receive”.

Words: Tejus Pawar / Robert Maier / Esther David
Pictures: Tejus Pawar