Raipur Gets Ready for Chief Apostle’s November Visit

Man has plans but many times God has other, better plans. Ten NAC Members in Raipur experienced this firsthand when a few of their plans went awry and were replaced with God’s perfect plan.

Members from the promotional team in Raipur were excited. On 12 November 2017, the Chief Apostle is scheduled to visit Raipur. Wanting to involve as many people as possible, they planned the first promotional meeting on 12 February 2017. The main focus of this meeting was to prepare all the churches in Raipur for his visit. Bhilai was selected because of its central location and easy accessibility.

When 12th February dawned, the promotional team reached Bhilai. They had organized a youth meeting for the New Apostolic Church, Khursipar Gate congregation. To their surprise, none of the congregation members turned up. They realized God had other plans for them. Not wanting to sit idle, the District Rector on seeing children sitting outside church, called them inside and started to share with them some Bible stories.

God’s Perfect Plan will always Prevail

The team proceeded to visit families from the congregation. Families that were visited enjoyed the spontaneous interaction and also got to learn about the showers of blessings that would be bestowed upon them during the Chief Apostle’s visit to Raipur this coming November. Specially designed pamphlets about the Chief Apostle’s visit were distributed to the families who excitedly stuck it up on the walls of their homes as a reminder.

The team enjoyed meeting different families. What was to be a meeting under a shed preparing people for the visit turned out to be a more intimate and memorable visit which everyone enjoyed.

Text: Allen Bruce / BBMH
Images: Allen Bruce