A Day at the Zoo

With parents battling work pressures and children struggling with homework it is no wonder family time has been pushed to the back burner. When the Sunday school children and their parents in Pune heard about the upcoming school trip, they all signed up and were excited to spend a day with each other.

The church in Kalewadi had a reason to celebrate. The Sunday school teachers had planned a special outing for the Sunday school children and their parents. As soon as the Divine Service got over, the jubilant party boarded the bus. Their destination was the Rajiv Gandhi Zoo located in Katraj, Pune.

Enjoying God’s Creation

Before they could explore the zoo, forty of them sat in a cool and shady place in the park and ate their lunch which each brought from home. The zoo is divided into an animal orphanage, a snake park, the Katraj lake, and the main zoo that houses all the wild animals – so the excited group had lots to see. Even though many of the smaller children got tired of all the walking, they still wanted to explore more – many of them had never seen wild animals before! The entire adventure took a couple of hours after which they all boarded the bus and headed back to the church.

Creating Lasting Bonds

The Sunday school teachers shared that it gave them great delight to see the children so happy. This has brought them a step closer to the little ones, especially the ones who had previously not been regular to Sunday School.

Words: Dipti Nitin Raje / BBMH
Images: Nitin Raje