Preparation for Thanksgiving over some Sisterly Bonding

The sisters of Ghughus decided to celebrate and prepare for Thanksgiving Day (on 2 October 2016) almost one month in advance, and in New Apostolic style: With prayers, songs, Bible teachings, fun games and auto rides…

The women of the Indiranagar congregation in Ghughus were on a mission – rich fellowship, fun, and games were the order of the day. To make the day a little more meaningful, they reached out to non-Christian and destitute women. The venue of the outing was a water filtration plant. The outing started with prayer, followed by praise and worship songs. They then meditated on John 14:6, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.”

God’s Unlimited Blessings

The women were treated to a special seminar on Cycle of Blessings, where picture cards and corn made the seminar more lively. After listening attentively and getting deep insights, the women played a few games – one game that had most of them in giggles were where they had to fill a glass with water using only a spoon. After this they sat down together and enjoyed a delicious lunch.

Sharing the Good News

What made the day so special was that this was the first ever women’s outing in this area, and that the employees of the filtration plant were also listening to the teachings on Cycle of Blessings – one could see them nodding as the speaker talked about how freely God has given us air, light, the sun and moon, rain and the different seasons. A few of the non-Christian women who joined them for the outing learned that the only way to heaven is Jesus Christ.

The women were refreshed and could not think of a better way to prepare for Thanksgiving Day.

Words: Jyothi Tandra / BBMH
Images: Jyothi Tandra