Pentecost – A Virtual Visit of the Chief Apostle

2015 was the fourth year of Pentecost Transmission in India. The Divine Service with Chief Apostle Schneider was transmitted from Zambia to 33 locations in India and Sri Lanka.

In India, the transmission signal is received through an internet link from South East Asia. The receiving congregations need an internet connection, a laptop or a computer, a projector and a screen. In most locations they also need a power backup in case of power cuts.

It is a great blessing to be connected to the worldwide church in this way – We can almost say that on Pentecost 2015, the Chief Apostle visited 33 locations in India!

Spiritual Unity of the “Universal Apostolic Church”

In the New Apostolic Church, Pentecost is celebrated as the Birthday of the Church of Christ. The Chief Apostle’s Message on this day has great importance and hence special care is taken for it to reach as many members as possible.



The Divine Service is translated into the local language in the receiving congregations. This ensures that the core of the message can be grasped and understood by each and every attending member.

Words: Robert Maier
Images: Various Contributors