Glory be to God, our Father – A Visual Theme for 2017

In 2017, the New Apostolic Church India is set to launch a number of publications and stationary with a certain unification: Based on the motto for the year, “Glory be to God, our Father”, a theme for the year has been developed which will be applied to various publications and stationary. This theme comprises of a logo for the motto, a mood image and two colors (main and accent color).

This year’s main color is a dark green (Pantone 349C) while the accent color is a light pink (Pantone 708C). The photograph shows a close-up of the Trumpet Vine’s flower buds, just days before they burst open and bloom.

How does this go with the 2017 motto? Well, it stands for a very beautiful part of God’s visible creation and therefore represents a small aspect of God’s Glory. The flower buds are opening up towards heaven and they are ready to glorify God!

The first application of the theme is in the design of a very simple logo which comes in two versions. These simple logos are going to be printed as stickers and used as signatures in e-mails. The poster or artwork version combines the logo with the photograph to make it more tangible. The word “Glory” is highlighted with a light pink outline which gives it a sort of glow/shine. This glow is supported by the depiction of the flower in the photograph.

The color theme is also used in the 2017 calendar, the photograph is used on the cover of the 2017 Divine Service Guide (DSG) which is distributed in seven languages. Likewise, other publications and stationary will be based on this year’s theme: the logo, the image and the colors.


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