An Apostle can be appointed as District Apostle Helper in order to assist the District Apostle in some of his working areas. This is currently the case in India.


District Apostle Helper David Devaraj

David Devaraj (born on 12 August 1959) was ordained an Apostle in 1998. He was appointed as District Apostle Helper for India in 2010 and for Sri Lanka in 2013.


Interview with our District Apostle Helper (2016)

Have you ever had problems with your faith – maybe in your youth – and how did you overcome them?

My grandparents came from different religious backgrounds which were entwined into my Christian upbringing. In my teenage years I was confused between the being called ‘God’ and the behaviour of human beings who preached about Him. I drifted away into solitude. Circumstances led to introspection about what I really believed and the realisation that the powerful balance of nature and the presence of God in all of creation and every human being led me to a soul searching decision that there is a God with a very powerful love. I began to shift my focus more to the Creator rather than the weakness of human attitudes. I then came across balanced and realistic people who were from the New Apostolic faith. I was convinced that I was now on a track which would stabilize my otherwise stormy life.

Only ‘Grace’ has brought about the combination of events to lead me from where I was to where I am today.

As an Apostle, do you still have time to socialize and pursue other interests?

Although I find it very interesting to meet and socialize with people from different backgrounds, I am unable to do so due to my extensive travels. Socializing has narrowed down to the people within our membership.

However, two or three times a year, I make a conscious effort to break away from it all and spend time with family and friends.

My interests include wildlife, adventure as well as historical culture, art and architecture. Motorcycling on the byways and highways is a passion, but my District Apostle banned me from motorcycling because he is too scared I could break my bones! I still try do it very discretely and carefully.

When you consider the development in your country, how do you see the future of the Church? What adjustments will the Church have to make and what possibilities are there for the Church to be seen and perceived by the general public?

The fast paced development in our country is providing the launching pad for the future of our Church. The Church needs to adjust itself to a mind-set of a much younger generation. The general public are 98 percent non-Christian, and a conscious effort has to be made to focus more on spreading the love of God through behaviour and action, while doctrinal topics can follow.

Also, as the role of women changes in Indian society, corresponding adjustments will have to be made within the Church.

Taken from “Unsere Familie – die Zeitschrift der neuapostolischen Kirche”, Issue no. 19/2016, page 18 (c) Verlag Friedrich Bischoff GmbH, Neu-Isenburg/ Germany