Joy in Fellowship

The ministers and their wives of the Hyderabad district gathered to have a fun filled day in the sun and a dip in the pool!


A one day programme was planned for the ministers and wives of the Hyderabad district to come together and have a joyful time. More than 150 brothers and sisters gathered in the Sanjeevaiah Park in the morning of Wednesday, 14 January 2015. The air was filled not only with joy and excitement but also a sense of belongingness that united them. Apostle Manohar began the programme with some beautiful thoughts.

Fun time

After some fun games and lunch the group set out to Jalavihar Waterpark where they enjoyed themselves thoroughly. Some members of the group enjoyed a relaxing boat trip on the ‘Hussain Sagar’ lake.

As our District Apostle Helper David Devaraj says, “there is no fellowship without friendship”. This programme provided an opportunity for everyone to come together in friendship and to grow in fellowship and faith.

Words: Prabhakar Beergi / Elizabeth Kumar / Esther David
Images: Prabhakar Beergi