Homecoming for the National Choir

Whenever the NAC National Choir of India gathers at Shadnagar, they are prepared for special days of song, interaction, and old friends catching up. While many new and enthusiastic faces joined, this practice also marked a change in the choir leadership. A look at four days of choir practice for the visit of our Chief Apostle (November 2017 in Raipur).

Singing to the Lord all Day

Every morning would start with the choristers rushing to the practice hall early as the choir directors were strict about timings. Then the entire day was devoted to everyone singing and pouring their hearts out in the rhythm of the song, and learning their respective parts.

In the evenings, the choir members gathered in the garden to enjoy the fresh air. While some were seen making new friends, others would play the guitar, and some would just chat and relax. After a full day’s practice, everyone was looking foward to a delicious dinner to conclude the evening.

Apart from singing, the choir also enjoyed a fun and memorable name game on the third day. This activity ensured that peoples’ names would be rememberd, creating a bond between the newcomers and the senior choir members.

Farewell and a New Team

This choir practice was the last one with Deacon Gedeon who had groomed the National Choir for almost four years. Choir members had not only learned a lot about music and singing – they had also formed strong bonds with their conductor. It can be said that Gedeon was the first professional conductor of the Indian National Choir who was also a friend to many choristers.

The farewell for one conductor blended into the welcome and celebration for a team of choir leaders. In the future, Deacon Moses Mark would be the main conductor of the National Choir and be assisted by Priest Abhishek Jonathan. Brother Joshua Mark will take care of the musicians and the orchestra, while Priest Jones Jonathan will be responsible for finance and administration. Priest Samson will be the coordinator between the choir and the leadership team.

At the end of four days, it was time to wrap up with a hint of sadness, but also with a joyful spirit. Everyone had come together from different tongues, different places and various circumstances. This gathering taught them many songs and made them feel at home, knowing that they were part of a melodious community.

Words: Elizabeth Kumar / Karuna Sugnyan / Robert Maier
Images: Simon Bhaiwale / Anugrah Michael