Highlights of Vacation Bible School 2017

Children wait in eager anticipation for their summer vacations. After months of school, homework, exams and wearing uniforms, they finally get to just sit back and do fun things. Our school children across Hyderabad were excited about their holidays. In addition to visiting relatives and playing games, they were also going to attend a special five-day Vacation Bible School (VBS) in May.

What made VBS 2017 a little extra special was that seven churches across Hyderabad held the classes simultaneously – around 350 children along with 35 teachers made the five-day classes interesting and interactive.

Doing the Groundwork

Before the VBS could kick-off, 52 teachers and ministers met in the Hafeezpet church on 30 April 2017. The programme agenda was discussed and the material and stationary were all kept ready. VBS batches were made according to age groups – Beginners (4-6), Primary (7-9), Juniors (10-12), and Seniors (13+). Budgets had been set and the rectors and ministers had provided the finance to take care of programme materials, snacks and food for the teachers and students.

VBS in Session

VBS was filled with telling the children Bible stories, and to learn and recite important portions of Scripture like the Lord’s Prayer and the Ten Commandments. They were taught about the importance of the Divine Service, Cycle of Blessings, and the contents of prayer. For the older VBS batches, a special emphasis was given on Confirmation and the Ten Articles of Faith.

When they were not learning or listening in class, teachers organised games and quizzes.

The Best Kind of School

The children loved their five days of summer school and went back home refreshed. They all gave a special shout of thanks to the rectors and ministers who made VBS 2017 a huge success.




Lingamaiah Colony


Text: Prabhakar Beergi
Images: Various Contributors