Hafeezpet congregation celebrates a big milestone!

This congregation in the middle of Hyderabad just turned 25! The church members were overjoyed and celebrated this event in grand style…

The Hafeezpet church building completed 25 years and everyone wanted to be a part of the thanksgiving service and festivities. The Bible verse of the Divine Service was from John 2:5, His mother said to the servants, “Whatever He says to you, do it.” The congregation was encouraged to always do what Jesus says and were  reminded about the first miracle Jesus performed in the wedding at Cana – He turned water into wine at a wedding feast. Apostle Pravin, who conducted the service, went on to elaborate how Mary admonished the servants – this very act symbolised her unwavering faith and trust in Jesus – nothing is ever impossible for Him. In this instance Jesus never acted Himself, He rather instructed those around Him to take action.

What is Jesus telling us Today?

The congregation was asked to find out what Jesus was telling each one of them, to listen to His instructions and act accordingly. If they did this, they too would experience His Divine Power.

A Feast in Hafeezpet

After the Divine Service, the congregation enjoyed dances, skits and special songs sung by the choir. Almost everyone participated in the events that were held and all played a part in making the evening a grand success.

Two young sisters led the programme with informative announcements before each performance, which showcased cultural dances and skits from all across the country, and even western dances.The Onam dance from Kerala was performed in traditional attire by some of the young sisters.Harvest signifies a time of abundance and blessings. In remembrance of all the blessings received by the Hafeezpet congregation over the past 25 years, Dandiya Raas – a harvest dance which is traditional in Gujarat and Rajasthan – was performed to the sound of drum beats.

Different groups of Sunday school children enacted skits and dances. The boys performed a tribute to Bharath Matha, which was accompanied by a song and acrobatics. The little pre-Sunday school children also participated enthusiastically and with full expression.

Members enjoyed the cultural performances put up by the children and the youth on that day, and the specially decorated cake for the occasion was the outstanding exhibit.

Text: Rebecca Pathi / Samson Bhaiwale / BBMH / Lily David
Images: Jairaj Bhaiwale / Simon Bhaiwale / Elia M.