Holy Communion is celebrated in remembrance of Christ’s passion, death and resurrection. It preserves us in the fellowship of life with Jesus Christ, the Son of God.

Holy Communion is a ceremony of joy and thankfulness. It commemorates the sacrificial death of the Son of God, who allowed Himself to be crucified for the sins of mankind despite His perfect innocence. Holy Communion preserves the eternal life of the soul and accords it the security of remaining in the fellowship of life with its Redeemer Jesus Christ (John 6: 51-58).

The “body and blood” of Jesus are today dispensed as bread and wine in the form of a consecrated wafer.

By partaking of it in faith, an individual assimilates the nature of Jesus and receives new strength to overcome everything that could be a hindrance to the eternal salvation of the soul (cf. Revelation 12: 11).

Text Source: Homepage of the New Apostolic Church International, last retrieved on 14 July 2016 / 2008 Calendar of the New Apostolic Church India


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