First Indian Receives Holy Sealing

Angel Robinson traveled to Denmark in 1968 along with a tourist group. Here she met the family of Herbert Mauritz who testified about the continuation of the ministry of grace and apostleship. This got her very interested and she joined the family for the Divine Service the following Sunday, 11 August 1968. It is then said that on the night after the Divine Service she had a wonderful experience in a dream where her mother who was in Eternity appeared to her and advised her that the way to blessing was to remain in this circle. She thus got to know Priest Nielsen who was the rector of the congregation in Copenhagen. In a letter to Herbert Mauritz, dated 8 December 1968, she writes: “Every Sunday I go to church with Priest Nielsen and feel the presence of God and peace; it is a perfect peace which the world cannot give. I hope that the Lord Jesus will find me ready to go with him. My ‘lamp of faith’ is burning brightly! We are not supposed to be ‘people of this world’ because it is not our eternal home. We are seeking the truth which will lead us to eternal life!” A friendship developed, leading to many discussions about the work of God in the New Apostolic Church. In the same letter she also writes: “On 14th December 1968 the Nielsen family will take me to Tønder (close to Jütland) where I will be sealed. Oh, I am so happy to become a chosen sheep of Christ. I will go and find many lost sheep for my Lord. We have to work for our Lord Jesus and strive to save our souls during our lifetime. For what would be the use if we gained the whole world and lost our own souls? If we do not follow his instructions, we indeed crucify Him again and that is something we should not do.” Angel Robinson was sealed by District Apostle Weinmann on 15 December 1968 in Tønder, Denmark. Upon her return to India the following year she became the first member of the New Apostolic Church in India.

All quotes of the letters mentioned above are in German and have been translated.

1968 1215 Angel Robinson with Nielsen family

Beginning of the Work in India

After her return to India she stayed with her youngest son John Robinson in Abu Road. He was very interested in the teachings of Jesus and the Apostles, and soon developed the longing to join the New Apostolic Church. When District Apostle Krauss visited India in May 1970, John Robinson was sealed and ordained as the first Priest in India. In the following five years, God’s work of salvation was spread in India and grew when many joined the New Apostolic Church. Brothers and sisters were found who would translate the teaching of Jesus and the Apostles into various local languages.

Six Apostles Ordained for India

On 20th July 1975, then Chief Apostle Streckeisen ordained the first six Apostles for India: Sharad Bower, Vishwas Bower, Lawrence Jones, Jose Kuthottungal, John Robinson and Jaywant Thompson. The base for further growth was established.

first 6 apostles.indd

Sharad Bower

first 6 apostles.indd

Vishwas Bower

first 6 apostles.indd

Lawrence Jones

first 6 apostles.indd

Jose Kuthottungal

first 6 apostles

John Robinson

first 6 apostles.indd

Jayawant Thompson