Following is a short overview of the sequence in a regular Divine Service of the New Apostolic Church. Items in brackets may not be part of every Divine Service.  


1 – Beginning of Divine Service

Opening Hymn

Opening Prayer Commencement in the Triune Name of God

Reading of Bible Text


(Bible Reading as Specified)

2 – Sermon Part


Assisting Ministers

(With Musical Contributions)

3 – Sacramental Part

Preparation for Forgiveness and Holy Communion

Hymn of Repentance

The Lord’s Prayer

Absolution Forgiveness of Sins

Eucharistic Prayer

(Further Sacraments and Acts)

Uncovering and Consecration of Holy Communion

Serving Holy Communion to Ministers and Congregation

(Holy Communion for the Departed)

4 – Further Acts


(Wedding Blessings or Anniversaries)

5 – End of Divine Service

Closing Prayer

Benediction and Threefold Amen

Final Musical Contribution


Text Source: Liturgy of the Divine Services in the New Apostolic Church (First Edition, June 2010)


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