Cricket Tournament in Hyderabad

How to promote the Chief Apostle’s visit to Raipur among the youth in Hyderabad? After a thinking and brainstorming, the striking answer was to organize a cricket tournament.

The news spread quickly as many of the youth are interested in the game. A WhattsApp group was created for easy coordination, and everyone worked hard throughout the previous week: they prepared the cricket ground, designed and printed special T-Shirts, and organized lunch for all the participants.

Let the Games Begin!

On the 5th of August, the big day had come and all the teams reached the cricket ground. After a short prayer, the first match started at 7 in the morning. Eight teams from different congregations of Hyderabad competed in the tournament, but in the end it came down to a fascinating final between Shadnagar and Hafeezpet, which was won by the latter team.

Trophies and a Twist

The winning prize was not only a trophy and medals: All the members of the winning team would receive a free entry pass to the Divine Service with the Chief Apostle in Raipur!

It was a day of excitement and joy for the youth of Hyderabad as this was the first ever cricket tournament organized by NAC India. All the teams played with a sportive spirit and everyone appreciated this special way of promotion – many of them requested such type of events to be organized more frequently in the future.

The winning team is preparing themselves for their travel to Raipur for the Chief Apostle’s service, and all of them are anticipating another tournament or a similar activity very soon.

Words: Prabhakar Beergi
Images: Samuel Karemungi / Jaipal & Jairaj Bhaiwale