Church Fellowship in a Water Park? Count me in!

Sometimes church outings are tagged boring. Most youth make excuses of ill health or extreme business. But with our youth in Hyderabad it was just the opposite. Everyone was overly excited about their upcoming outing. Let’s find out why…


Hyderabad’s Jalavihar Water Park was the chosen destination for fun and fellowship. Sixty-five boys and girls from different congregations across Hyderabad district along with Bishop Fred Marihal and Bishop Devdas Chatnal made the most of the Park’s water escapades.

Having a cool time on a warm day

Before the fun, games and splashing could begin, Bishop Fred opened the day with a short prayer. After a short interaction, the youth went in groups to explore the park. The curvy water slides and water sprays were definitely the main attraction – what better way to cool off in the slightly toasty Telangana? After a few hours of intense fun, everyone gathered together to enjoy a scrumptious lunch of Hyderabadi Biryani.

Ready to Seek the Lord?

The next day was just as special and meaningful as once again everyone met at Hafeezpet congregation to be part of the Divine Service which was conducted by Apostle Manohar Sangappa. The theme of the service was from Isaiah 55:6, “Seek the Lord while He may be found, call upon Him while He is near.” The youth listened attentively and took in every word that was shared by Apostle Manohar. He encouraged them to seek God for direction, comfort and eternal fellowship and reminded them that seeking God was a lifelong task. He lovingly exhorted them to talk to someone when they faced disappointment and to keep praying as they sought God every day.

It was a memorable two days for the youth who had their time of fun under the sun as well as one whole day of learning how to seek and find God.

Words: Prabhakar Beergi / Elizabeth Kumar / BBMH
Images: Prabhakar Beergi