Chief Apostle in Udaipur

During his journey to India in November 2013, Chief Apostle Schneider and his accompaniment visited the city of Udaipur which is located in Rajasthan. This district was looked after for 20 years by the District church of North Rhine-Westphalia under the care of District Apostle Brinkmann.

On Sunday, the 10th of November, the Chief Apostle conducted a Divine Service for about 650 members at the hotel “Inder Residency”. Bishop Lazrus Patel was ordained as an Apostle of Jesus Christ for the district which is now being handed over to the care of District Apostle Helper David Devaraj under the District Church of Canada.

The service was followed by a fellowship for all the members.
After a brief look at the historical background in Rajasthan, our dear Chief Apostle journeyed home, leaving behind much for contemplation and a tremendous blessing.

Words: David Devaraj
Images: Robert Maier