Chief Apostle in Raipur – Letter No. 2

My dear brothers, sisters and dear friends,

Greetings once again. It is now certainly time for another update.

A few days ago, as we went past the “3 months to go” milestone for the special Divine Service with our Chief Apostle, I was really excited that we were able to stick close to our timeline and open registrations for the event around this date.

Online Registrations and Donations

Although I was not able to write and alert you of this, many came to know, and the word has begun to spread rapidly. Within the past week, 150 seats were blocked by registering members, and about Rs.31,000/= was received as donations. Great going indeed. I noticed that most wanted to sit in front, but please be aware that while everybody cannot be in front, we will also have 2 big 10 feet x 10 feet screens at a place where everyone can view the whole service clearly. Even if you are in the balcony. In fact, that may be a better view.

I do trust that apart from our registration amounts we will be honest with our tithing and liberal beyond that. Please do not hesitate to approach well-wishers and non-New-Apostolic friends to help make opportunities for the less privileged to attend, and us as an organization to make ends meets with our expenses. Together let us fill the coffers.

Donate Today For the Chief Apostle Visit in Raipur

Watch out for Updates

Please keep track on our website, Facebook, WhatsApp or whatever else media is possible. There seem to be some minor glitches in the ‘townscript’ website while using google chrome etc, and we are working on sorting out these issues quickly.

Arrangements for Accommodation

We are also trying to make some dormitory style accommodation available for those who come from outstation at a nominal fee of Rs.100/ per head. Please pray that this works as it is a very auspicious time with many weddings in Raipur on the same dates.
Do feel free to write to us through the available social media, with feedback and suggestions that could help us improve on the overall experience for all concerned.

With lots of love

David Devaraj

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Header Image: Gujarati School in Raipur, the venue for the Divine Service with our Chief Apostle