Chief Apostle in Raipur – Letter No. 1

My dear brothers and sisters, dear friends,

Today we are exactly four months away from being served by our Chief Apostle in Raipur at 11 am on November 12, 2017. I do trust that you are all excited to hear God’s direction for His work in India through His servant.

On November 11th 2017 (the previous day), from 4 pm onwards, we wish to showcase the cultural diversity in which we live and serve. This will be attended only by our Chief Apostle, his guests and those who have arrived, and are present on that day.

Through this message, I wish to make you all aware of the great responsibility we all have, to pray for this day, as well as bring in sacrifices of your time and contributions. This will surely bring upon us all, and our country a tremendous blessing.

Most of you may have heard by now that you will require a minimum of Rs.500/= to secure entry to the limited seats available. Please do not consider this as an entry fee. It is not. What we wish is to improve on our habit of honest tithing. That is to bring to God the ‘first’ and the ‘best’ part of our increase. I am sure that our dear God has been very faithful in providing much for all of us. Today we live in a prospering country with many opportunities, and the least we can do is to say a nice ‘thank you’ through our offerings. So please be liberal, and do not limit yourselves to the minimum. The more you give, the more you will make opportunities for the less privileged to attend. In other words, your generosity will be used to sponsor a really needy soul. In fact, you have an option to donate even if you are unable to attend yourself. I hear that tithing has not been a part of New Apostolic life in India. Let us honestly strive to make it one from now on. What you give will be added to the offerings of that day and will help cover some of the expenses.

Soon the gates will be open (tentatively August 1st 2017) for registrations. More instructions will follow on our website, Facebook, WhatsApp or whatever else media is possible. Please keep track and don’t miss the boat.

Although all are welcome, the opportunity is mainly opened for the Hindi speaking members. However, do not delay and then express disappointment. Unfortunately, due to the limited venues available, we are unable to have an ‘open house’. We are limited to roughly 800 seats. So please book early. Train bookings are open 120 days ahead, and can therefore be secured right away.

Me and my team will be sending you intermittent updates and eagerly look for your responses.

Do feel free to write to us through the available social media, with feedback and suggestions that could help us improve on the overall experience for all concerned.

With lots of love,

David Devaraj