A Global Pentecost Transmission Service

Two thousand years ago, the disciples who huddled in the upper room were the first group of apostles to experience the anointing of the Holy Spirit. On 4 June 2017, the New Apostolic Church from across the globe celebrated the Day of Pentecost with just as much excitement and joy. Hafeezpet / Telangana Every year […]

Serving the Community Joyfully

What makes a church a beacon in the community? Is it the massive church building with stained glass and a beautifully decorated altar? The priests in holy robes? The outreach programs? No. It is the people. The people who practice love, compassion, mercy, kindness and everything else that Jesus taught them. The congregation in Mattakkuliya strives to […]

Bishop Immanuel’s Power Networking in Sri Lanka

When tourists’ visit a new exotic destination, they try to cover as many places as they can – beaches, museums, galleries, ancient ruins… Bishop Immanuel had a similar plan when he visited Sri Lanka. Together with District Elder Samuel Ponraj, he traveled across four regions in four weeks and met approximately 1000 church members. Who […]

A Peek into Sri Lanka

Once upon a time, this beautiful country was ravaged by civil war. Though her doors were not barred to outsiders, very few visited, as no one wanted to be caught in the crossfire. Today Sri Lanka is back on the map for two reasons – it is an upcoming tourist destination and a hotbed for […]