Cricket Tournament in Hyderabad

How to promote the Chief Apostle’s visit to Raipur among the youth in Hyderabad? After a thinking and brainstorming, the striking answer was to organize a cricket tournament. The news spread quickly as many of the youth are interested in the game. A WhattsApp group was created for easy coordination, and everyone worked hard throughout the […]

Picnic and Promotion

Once again, Sanjeevaiah Park became the center of attention for the Hyderabad district. This time, a picnic was organized for the youth and the focus was the visit of our Chief Apostle to Raipur in November. In order to prepare for the event, local youth meetings had been held in all the congregations of the District. The […]

Homecoming for the National Choir

Whenever the NAC National Choir of India gathers at Shadnagar, they are prepared for special days of song, interaction, and old friends catching up. While many new and enthusiastic faces joined, this practice also marked a change in the choir leadership. A look at four days of choir practice for the visit of our Chief Apostle (November 2017 […]

Highlights of Vacation Bible School 2017

Children wait in eager anticipation for their summer vacations. After months of school, homework, exams and wearing uniforms, they finally get to just sit back and do fun things. Our school children across Hyderabad were excited about their holidays. In addition to visiting relatives and playing games, they were also going to attend a special five-day […]

Yousufguda’s Day of Fun and History

For the Yousufguda congregation their day at Nagarjuna Sagar was memorable for a number of reasons. It was the first outing ever for their congregation and the chosen venue was not just any place with breathtaking views and lots of facilities. Nagarjuna Sagar had an interesting story that they were waiting to hear. There was […]

Training Seminar for Deacons

A deacon seminar was conducted in Nalgonda district at Hotel Savera from 27th to 29th January 2016. There were total 40 ministers in attendance which included 30 deacons and 10 priests. The main purpose of the seminar was to help the brothers gain a better understanding of the doctrine that forms the base of the […]

A Feast at Shadnagar

It was a very special and memorable day when our District Apostle Woll visited the Shadnagar congregation near Hyderabad. Members from all over the country had been looking forward to this day for many months. The preparations for the event had begun many weeks before. It brought members together as they all worked hard to […]

Church Fellowship in a Water Park? Count me in!

Sometimes church outings are tagged boring. Most youth make excuses of ill health or extreme business. But with our youth in Hyderabad it was just the opposite. Everyone was overly excited about their upcoming outing. Let’s find out why…     Hyderabad’s Jalavihar Water Park was the chosen destination for fun and fellowship. Sixty-five boys and […]