Taking the Choir to the Next Level

Praise and worship is one of the most beautiful offerings we can give to God. Churches have set up special worship teams and choirs that practice many hours. The national and regional choirs of NAC India are no different; they spend many hours practicing and honing their skill – in singing or playing instruments. Since […]

A Wonderful Spirit Filled Week in Bidar

In the north-eastern part of Karnataka lies the beautiful hilltop and archeologically rich city of Bidar. In the second week of February 2017 while tourists and locals came to visit the many museums and tombs in Bidar, over 1000 members from different NAC congregations across North Karnataka made their way to the church in Bidar […]

District Apostle Mark Woll’s Ten Days in India

  Mission trips can be quite strenuous – so many places to visit, people to meet, seminars and services to conduct… But they can also be soul stirring – powerful testimonies, God’s faithfulness, and an overflowing of love and hospitality. For District Apostle (DA) Mark Woll it was a packed trip, but an immensely enjoyable […]

Christmas Impressions 2016

What makes Christmas the delightful and joyful season it is? The food, sweets, presents, decorations, and carols? Yes, yes and yes. But what makes it truly extraordinary is the Christmas service; the message of hope, love and sacrifice. The spirit of Christmas was alive across all the India congregations of the New Apostolic Church India. […]

Thankful Hearts from Bengaluru Central

Juggling life and trying to find the right balance between spiritual, professional and personal life is sometimes hard. Many times God is forgotten during deadlines and emergencies. For the 45-member church in Fraser Town, Bengaluru, God continues to be priority number one and to celebrate Him; they had a special Thanksgiving Service, which included a […]

The Hills are Alive with the Sound of Children

Once upon a time, picnics were the rage. Families, friends, company or church groups would count the days till P Day (picnic day) finally arrived. The day before the picnic was just as exciting; sandwiches were made, bottled lemonade kept in the fridge, games, mats and hats packed and finally the alarm would be set. While most […]

Yousufguda’s Day of Fun and History

For the Yousufguda congregation their day at Nagarjuna Sagar was memorable for a number of reasons. It was the first outing ever for their congregation and the chosen venue was not just any place with breathtaking views and lots of facilities. Nagarjuna Sagar had an interesting story that they were waiting to hear. There was […]

Faith Building in the Andaman Islands

Andaman Islands are synonymous with diving, snorkelling, and its breathtaking sceneries. But did you know that it is also a place where the Gospel is being preached and souls are being saved regularly? Port Blair, a Town with many Churches In 1998, the New Apostolic Church established the first congregation at Garacharma in the Andaman […]

A Workshop For Bangalore’s Budding Journalists

A two-day workshop was held for all the budding journalists in Bengaluru and Bidar. Priest Robert and Sister Rachel were happy to pass on writing, photography and content management skills to youth who showed an aptitude and interest in sharpening their reporting abilities. Capturing Creativity Through Words The youth were extremely kicked and excited about […]