Apostle Fred Marihal’s First Official Trip to Bidar

When Chief Apostle Schneider visited Raipur in November 2017, three new Apostles were ordained for India. During a meeting in December, responsibilities were redistributed, and most of the Apostles were given new or extended working areas. Fred Marihal is one of them, and his new working area is in the South of India: Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Karnataka, Kerala, and […]

Cricket Tournament in Hyderabad

How to promote the Chief Apostle’s visit to Raipur among the youth in Hyderabad? After a thinking and brainstorming, the striking answer was to organize a cricket tournament. The news spread quickly as many of the youth are interested in the game. A WhattsApp group was created for easy coordination, and everyone worked hard throughout the […]

Picnic and Promotion

Once again, Sanjeevaiah Park became the center of attention for the Hyderabad district. This time, a picnic was organized for the youth and the focus was the visit of our Chief Apostle to Raipur in November. In order to prepare for the event, local youth meetings had been held in all the congregations of the District. The […]

Homecoming for the National Choir

Whenever the NAC National Choir of India gathers at Shadnagar, they are prepared for special days of song, interaction, and old friends catching up. While many new and enthusiastic faces joined, this practice also marked a change in the choir leadership. A look at four days of choir practice for the visit of our Chief Apostle (November 2017 […]

When the Youth Met in Goa

Goa has been named India’s number one holiday destination. The small state that borders Maharashtra and Karnataka lies sleepily in the western coast of India and offers residents and tourists some of the best beaches: courtesy, the Arabian Sea. In May 2017, 150 youth made their way to Bamboo Motels and Hotels in Verem, Panaji, […]

Highlights of Vacation Bible School 2017

Children wait in eager anticipation for their summer vacations. After months of school, homework, exams and wearing uniforms, they finally get to just sit back and do fun things. Our school children across Hyderabad were excited about their holidays. In addition to visiting relatives and playing games, they were also going to attend a special five-day […]