Getting Ready for the Chief Apostle’s November Visit

For New Apostolic Christians, the Chief Apostle ministry holds the highest spiritual authority and a leading position for all Apostles worldwide. His visit to India in November means a big blessing and spiritual direction, both for the work on the subcontinent and for each member individually. Since 1993, the New Apostolic Church India has seen Chief Apostles visit multiple […]

Maiden Visit to Himalayan Congregations

2440 Kilometers, two flights, and a seven hours’ journey on the winding mountain roads is what it took the District Apostle Helper David Devaraj to finally reach his destination at Khirsu in the Pauri Gherwal District, in Uttarkhand. It had been an early start – rising at 4 am to undertake the journey, and arriving […]

A Memorable Trip to Mumbai

A business trip can be exciting but also lonely – away from family, friends, and all things familiar. The thought of visiting ones’ Spiritual family across the miles and hearing testimonies of God’s faithfulness provides a rich and soul-satisfying reward that nothing else can bring. Priest Thomas Mischko shares his Sunday in Mumbai. As a […]

A New Trendy Church in Gondegaon

Whether big or small, plain or elaborate, rented or owned, there is something beautiful about churches. From their welcoming doors, the emblem with the cross reverently placed behind the altar, to the people getting together to worship God. In Gondegaon, Jalna District, Maharashtra, one such church was being dedicated and celebrated. The Dedication Ceremony The green […]

Sending Out the Twelve – Holy Sealing in Mumbai

While some people are content with all the knowledge they have acquired, others have an insatiable thirst for knowledge. They want to study more and sharpen their skills so that they will be productive in the workplace. The Kingdom of God is no different. Many have a yearning to study the Word of God and equip […]

Raipur Gets Ready for Chief Apostle’s November Visit

Man has plans but many times God has other, better plans. Ten NAC Members in Raipur experienced this firsthand when a few of their plans went awry and were replaced with God’s perfect plan. Members from the promotional team in Raipur were excited. On 12 November 2017, the Chief Apostle is scheduled to visit Raipur. Wanting to involve […]

Triple Blessings in Chandgarhi and Aligarh

Even though most parts of India have progressed and enjoy technological advancements, a large percentage of people still live in rural areas. Many lack basic facilities and some don’t even have roads. The church in Chandgarhi used to worship in an old ramshackle building and because of their remote location, there were no Priests to […]

District Apostle Mark Woll’s Ten Days in India

  Mission trips can be quite strenuous – so many places to visit, people to meet, seminars and services to conduct… But they can also be soul stirring – powerful testimonies, God’s faithfulness, and an overflowing of love and hospitality. For District Apostle (DA) Mark Woll it was a packed trip, but an immensely enjoyable […]

Christmas Impressions 2016

What makes Christmas the delightful and joyful season it is? The food, sweets, presents, decorations, and carols? Yes, yes and yes. But what makes it truly extraordinary is the Christmas service; the message of hope, love and sacrifice. The spirit of Christmas was alive across all the India congregations of the New Apostolic Church India. […]