Memory and Preparation: Our Wall Calendar for 2017

Our wall calendar for 2017 is out, and it is all about the visit(s) of our Chief Apostle(s)!

The format is the same as our 2016 calendar, it measures 13 x 19 inches (33 x 48 cm). Another similarity to last year is the invitation for regular bible reading which comes in form of a daily bible text that is accompanied by a core thought for the day. The calendar also features our church holidays which are highlighted in light pink color. This year’s color theme is green and a light pink which sets the tone all the print and graphic items in 2017.

In view of the visit of our Chief Apostle to India on 12 November 2017, our calendar invites to look back at 12 historical visits of the Chief Apostle, from 1993 to 2013. It serves both as a memory of these great events in the past and also helps us prepare for another time of great blessing in November.

Download The calendar for 2017 as low-res pdf

12 Historical Chief Apostle visits