Apostles and Bishops Meet in Raipur (Part 2)

The highlight of the Apostles and Bishops Meet in Raipur was the address of our Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider on Saturday, 11th November 2017. All Apostles and Bishops from India and Bangladesh were present, and the Apostles and Bishops of Pakistan joined via video conference.

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Deeply Rooted

The Chief Apostle began his address by referring to the difficult conditions and violence in which the leaders of the church had to serve, especially in India and Pakistan. It was important for the future for the members to be deeply rooted in our faith and in Jesus Christ. The roots of a tree cannot be seen, but how deeply it is rooted can be witnessed when there is a storm or drought. Our Chief Apostle chose the parable of the sower and stressed the importance of being “deeply rooted”.

Deeply Rooted in Faith

We are strong when we are deeply rooted in the faith that God loves us, and the true proof of this is that His son accepted to die for us. Our belief in Jesus Christ, His death, resurrection and victory over death and evil is also a matter of faith which will help us withstand the works of evil today. We believe in the promise of His return where His love to save mankind will be the victorious.

God elected us not because we were loved more, better than others or to have a better and easier life, but to fulfil a special service: On earth, in the yonder world and in the kingdom of peace. To proclaim the gospel, testify and prove that one can forgive, be obedient, live by Gods law, love ones’ neighbour and do what Jesus wants man to do. We are deeply rooted in the faith that the only reason for our election is this special task (CNAC 4.5.3).

Deeply Rooted in Love (for Him, His Work and for our Neighbour)

We do not serve for a reward or a better life, but because we love Him who first loved us and we want to contribute to His work. We love Him because we recognize what Jesus is doing and want Him to be successful in the way He leads us to His goal. We are obedient and follow out of love because we are convinced that is the best way to become like Him and have fellowship with Him. We also want to share the love of Jesus, the riches and blessings with our neighbour.

Deeply Rooted in Hope

To Hope in his return and in the promise to be with Him forever and to believe that the glory of God we will inherit is so huge that it overcomes everything. All our suffering and injustice will not be remembered when we see how great His glory is. We need to be deeply rooted in the hope that His love can win over all situations.

Our Priorities

To be able to serve even when we do not have success requires our roots to be deep in Jesus Christ. Money, power, glory and success are necessities that should not become a priority over peace, fellowship with Him, blessing and salvation. We are then able to bear the fruits, of steadfastness in serving the Lord, and humbleness of a true servant who wants to share his knowledge and is willing  to change in alignment with timely revelations.

Tools in His Hand

Considering the increasingly difficult circumstances that surround us, it is important for the future of the church that the roots of faith, love and hope become deeper and deeper in our brothers and sisters by teaching and leading by example. We cannot change the situations, but the fruit of the Holy Spirit can prove that it is possible to follow and do according to the teaching of Jesus Christ. If we are that fruit, God will be able to find the souls He wants to add to His people. We have to just be tools in His hand.

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Text: David Devaraj, Fred Marihal, Lily David, Robert Maier
Images: Bhairu Rawoot, Irudayaraj A, Robert Maier, Stanley Sappadla