A Workshop For Bangalore’s Budding Journalists

A two-day workshop was held for all the budding journalists in Bengaluru and Bidar. Priest Robert and Sister Rachel were happy to pass on writing, photography and content management skills to youth who showed an aptitude and interest in sharpening their reporting abilities.

Capturing Creativity Through Words

The youth were extremely kicked and excited about this two day writing and photography workshop. Each one wanted to improve their skills and develop the writer, reporter and photographer within them. The workshop started with a fun game and then, representatives were chosen and put in charge of various committees; Food, Water, Materials, Beds, Cleanliness and Presentation. Afterwards the youth were divided into two groups and each group was tasked with writing a short story based on three nouns. This was a first for many youth who had never before expressed their thoughts and views on paper in this creative fashion. This exercise definitely helped boost their confidence levels. Sister Rachel led the session and shared guidelines, formats and tones of writing. She guided the participants on how they needed to convey emotions to the readers.

Unleashing The Photographer Within

After an invigorating writing session, the youth paid intense attention to the photography sessions which was led by Priest Robert. All participants were given cameras and asked to click several pictures. The youth rose to the challenge and many took a whole lot of unusual and vibrant pictures. Another task was to capture an emotion, both in words and picture which gave space for everyone to unleashed their individual perspectives in a creative way.

A Live Project

The last but equally challenging task was to write an article on the Divine Service as well as capture some pictures during the Service on Sunday morning.

Priest Sunny had arranged for a special Divine Service, with a bible verse for the youth. He shared from Mark 10:48, “Then many warned him to be quiet; but he cried out all the more, “Son of David, have mercy on me!” So Jesus stood still and commanded him to be called. Then they called the blind man, saying to him, “Be of good cheer. Rise, He is calling you.”

Priest Sunny explained that in spite of Bartimaeus being born blind and poor, Jesus bestowed upon him a kindness. In the same way the youth needed to love their fellow humans as they loved themselves, since God had created everyone in His image.


Multiplying And Showcasing Talents

After a very uplifting Divine Service, the members were invited to take a look at the previous day’s results of the journalism workshop. The members were pleased to see such talent on display and were very appreciative of it. The youth and members were treated to a scrumptious feast that included snacks and biryani.

A Much Needed Class On Esteem

In continuation of the Divine Service’s topic, sister Lily conducted a class on esteem which the youth simply lapped up. It is definitely a life skill that they all would love to have in abundance. Sister Lily showed them the importance of treating others with respect.

It was a fun and exciting workshop which the youth felt blessed to be part of. With their new found knowledge and skill set, they are ready and excited to say, “Here I am Lord!”

Words: Shvta Tandra / Tony Sudnyan /BBMH
Images: Various Contributors