A Memorable Trip to Mumbai

A business trip can be exciting but also lonely – away from family, friends, and all things familiar. The thought of visiting ones’ Spiritual family across the miles and hearing testimonies of God’s faithfulness provides a rich and soul-satisfying reward that nothing else can bring. Priest Thomas Mischko shares his Sunday in Mumbai.

As a sales engineer I handle India operations for my company in Germany, so I visit India at least twice a year. During my trip to Mumbai in March, I was excited to find out that I would be able to meet the NAC church members from India. At the end of the day, I had attended two Divine Services and spent the entire day with the local brothers.

A Rich and Soul Satisfying Sunday

On 12 March 2017, I was picked up from my hotel at 8:30 am by Evangelist Fanuel Hiwale. The Shivajinagar congregation is located in Borivali, a suburb about 20 kms from the airport. I was surprised that it took us more than an hour to reach there, although it was a Sunday morning. As soon as we reached, Evangelist Fanuel conducted the Divine Service.

After a little bit of rest, we headed to the Chembur Camp congregation where Apostle Pravin was getting ready to conduct another Divine Service. It was a special service – 11 souls were baptized with the Holy Spirit, a wedding blessing was given to a couple, and a Deacon was retired who had served the Lord faithfully.

I enjoyed my Sunday in Mumbai. The highlight was being able to attend two Divine Services on one day and getting to spend an entire day of fellowship with the Evangelist, the Apostle and the members of the Mumbai congregations.

Text: Thomas Mischko / BBMH
Images: Thomas Mischko / Sanjay Thombre