A Festive Divine Service

Setting the Stage

It was a very special Sunday for our brothers and sisters in IDA Bollaram:  District Apostle Helper David Devaraj visited the congregation and was accompanied by Apostle Manohar and Bishop Devadas. The preparations started two days earlier: Knowing that the church building would not hold the crowd, a big tent was set up in the garden with a stage for the altar, a sound and speaker system and seating arrangements for the congregation. The congregation also put special effort in decorating the stage and altar with beautiful flowers for this event.

ida bollaram 2 DSC_0074

ida bollaram 1 DSC_0066

The mood for the service was set by the beautiful and energetic Hyderabad youth choir when they sang “Sing them over again to me, wonderful words of life”. It was a glorious and wonderful Divine Service that also resulted in the ordination of Jones Edward who was commissioned to be a priest.

ida bollaram 4 DSC_0093

Words: Jones Edward / Esther David
Photography: Robert Maier