A Feast at Shadnagar

It was a very special and memorable day when our District Apostle Woll visited the Shadnagar congregation near Hyderabad. Members from all over the country had been looking forward to this day for many months. The preparations for the event had begun many weeks before. It brought members together as they all worked hard to ensure the success of this event.

A Feast for the Soul

The Sunday School Children were joyful as they welcomed our District Apostle with flowers and a dance. The National Choir of 100 vocalists from across the country filled the room with their beautiful voices before the service. The children and the choir together helped set the mood for the wonderful divine service that was to follow.

Our District Apostle based his sermon on a Bible verse from 1 Corinthians 13:11, “When I was a child, I spoke as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child; but when I became a man, I put away childish things.” He emphasized the need and importance to grow both in our individual faith lives as well as in our relationship to the church.

Special Acts

There were two special acts that took place during the service: The farewell to the five retired Apostles and a wedding blessing.

Five Apostles from India had been retired by our Chief Apostle the previous Sunday in Cambodia. Members form their areas as well as their families and well-wishers who were unable to be present at the retirement got the chance to express their gratitude and honour the retired Apostles for all the work they had done. The District Apostle mentioned the long years of service that each Apostle had served and the areas in which they had served. Each Apostle was given a small symbol of gratitude clothed in the well wishes of the District Apostle and the congregation present.
Our District Apostle also bestowed a wedding blessing on a young couple: Elizabeth David and Shawn John.

The Sweet Sound of Music

After the rich Divine Service, the members got a pleasant surprise as the Church was transformed into a concert hall. Our National Choir changed into their choir uniforms and put on a spectacular concert. They looked as good as they sounded and it was rewarding to experience all their months of intense hard work finally pay off. Their zeal and joy was truly contagious and resulted in our District Apostle spontaneously coming on stage to play the drums!

A Delicious End to a Fulfilling Day

After the Divine Service and concert, a fellowship lunch was arranged. Special “Dum Biryani” had been prepared in the church premises and was served to more than 600 people!

It was a day of feasting for the attending members. The Divine Service fed their souls, the beautiful music their hearts and the delicious food their stomachs! There was nothing lacking on that beautiful Sunday and everyone went home rejuvenated and content.

Words: Prabhakar Beergi / Elizabeth Kumar
Images: Irudayaraj A. / Robert Maier