A Day Filled with Divine Moments

Easter Service in Bangalore Central, Bangalore District

The Easter service in Bangalore was a truly a festive one. The congregation was reminded of the early pioneering work in India, experienced all three sacraments and fellowshipped over lunch.

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Divine Service with DAH David & Sealings

The Bangalore District has two major congregations, Adugodi and Central. The Easter service brought these two congregations together as a combined service took place in the Bangalore Central Church. The Divine Service was conducted by District Apostle Helper David and was full of special and blessed moments. Thirteen people were sealed from our Adugodi congregation and five of them were also baptized. Another special moment was experienced when the Congolese Priest Hervez served for the first time in English from the altar.

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Fellowship with Pioneers

After the service all the joy that had been experienced during the service overflowed into the afternoon as the two congregations fellowshipped over a hearty lunch. It was also an opportunity for the congregation to meet and talk to retired Apostle Benji Bower. The apostles Bower and Jose (late husband of sister Jose) were two of the first six Indian Apostles who were ordained back in 1975 and who have done a great deal of pioneering work for the New Apostolic Church in this country.

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Words: Robert Maier / Esther David
Images: Robert Maier