Lost in Translation?!

For the past six months, NAC India’s Facebook page has been publishing the core thoughts for every Sunday’s Divine Service – two days in advance and with a local twist. Following is an overview of this initiative. Social Media Helps Prepare for Divine Service Since August 2017, the theme for an upcoming Divine Service (on […]

Apostle Fred Marihal’s First Official Trip to Bidar

When Chief Apostle Schneider visited Raipur in November 2017, three new Apostles were ordained for India. During a meeting in December, responsibilities were redistributed, and most of the Apostles were given new or extended working areas. Fred Marihal is one of them, and his new working area is in the South of India: Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Karnataka, Kerala, and […]

Christmas 2017: Impressions from our Community

We are very happy to announce the winner of our 2017 Christmas Photo Competition. Participants were asked to send in one single picture which expresses their Christmas season in a creative way. There was a clear winner among all the submissions, as his picture really stood out in terms of creativity – Congratulations to our dear brother and Priest Vipin Tandra! […]

God is Faithful!

Word of the Month for January 2018 A new year always begins with expectations: how will the year turn out? What will it bring? At such times people even venture to cast a speculative glance into the future and make certain predictions, albeit cautiously. Even with regard to the Church, the districts, and the congregations, […]

New Year Letter 2018

Dearly beloved brothers, sisters, friends and co-workers, As we usher in the new year, I join in greeting you, and all that are in your circles, a very joyful year, filled with the “peace that passeth all understanding”. May we all bask in the confidence that we are all in His Almighty hands of love and […]