When the Youth Met in Goa

Goa has been named India’s number one holiday destination. The small state that borders Maharashtra and Karnataka lies sleepily in the western coast of India and offers residents and tourists some of the best beaches: courtesy, the Arabian Sea. In May 2017, 150 youth made their way to Bamboo Motels and Hotels in Verem, Panaji, […]

A Weekend just for the Delhi Youth

With temperatures in Delhi touching 48 centigrade in summer, most people make their way to nearby hill stations or remain put in their air-conditioned apartments and offices. While many in Delhi were dreading the hot weekend, our youth had exciting weekend plans. There are two main congregations in New Delhi – one in Lajpat Nagar and […]

Highlights of Vacation Bible School 2017

Children wait in eager anticipation for their summer vacations. After months of school, homework, exams and wearing uniforms, they finally get to just sit back and do fun things. Our school children across Hyderabad were excited about their holidays. In addition to visiting relatives and playing games, they were also going to attend a special five-day […]