Sending Out the Twelve – Holy Sealing in Mumbai

While some people are content with all the knowledge they have acquired, others have an insatiable thirst for knowledge. They want to study more and sharpen their skills so that they will be productive in the workplace. The Kingdom of God is no different. Many have a yearning to study the Word of God and equip […]

Glorifying God, our Father

The Good Shepherd has his own sheep: The sheep hear his voice, recognize his voice and follow him. They do not know the voice of strangers. The shepherd loves them and leads them to green pastures near still waters. For the year 2017, our beloved Chief Apostle has given us a very beautiful motto “Glory […]

A Wonderful Spirit Filled Week in Bidar

In the north-eastern part of Karnataka lies the beautiful hilltop and archeologically rich city of Bidar. In the second week of February 2017 while tourists and locals came to visit the many museums and tombs in Bidar, over 1000 members from different NAC congregations across North Karnataka made their way to the church in Bidar […]

Raipur Gets Ready for Chief Apostle’s November Visit

Man has plans but many times God has other, better plans. Ten NAC Members in Raipur experienced this firsthand when a few of their plans went awry and were replaced with God’s perfect plan. Members from the promotional team in Raipur were excited. On 12 November 2017, the Chief Apostle is scheduled to visit Raipur. Wanting to involve […]

Triple Blessings in Chandgarhi and Aligarh

Even though most parts of India have progressed and enjoy technological advancements, a large percentage of people still live in rural areas. Many lack basic facilities and some don’t even have roads. The church in Chandgarhi used to worship in an old ramshackle building and because of their remote location, there were no Priests to […]

District Apostle Mark Woll’s Ten Days in India

  Mission trips can be quite strenuous – so many places to visit, people to meet, seminars and services to conduct… But they can also be soul stirring – powerful testimonies, God’s faithfulness, and an overflowing of love and hospitality. For District Apostle (DA) Mark Woll it was a packed trip, but an immensely enjoyable […]