The Future of the New Apostolic Church in India

“Unity in Diversity” is a term commonly used to describe India. Amidst a potpourri of faiths and beliefs, Christianity is recorded at approximately two percent, with New Apostolic Christians making up a very small proportion of the Christians in India. Christians in general and New Apostolic Christians in particular are challenged with the constant demand […]

Bishop Immanuel’s Power Networking in Sri Lanka

When tourists’ visit a new exotic destination, they try to cover as many places as they can – beaches, museums, galleries, ancient ruins… Bishop Immanuel had a similar plan when he visited Sri Lanka. Together with District Elder Samuel Ponraj, he traveled across four regions in four weeks and met approximately 1000 church members. Who […]

Thankful Hearts from Bengaluru Central

Juggling life and trying to find the right balance between spiritual, professional and personal life is sometimes hard. Many times God is forgotten during deadlines and emergencies. For the 45-member church in Fraser Town, Bengaluru, God continues to be priority number one and to celebrate Him; they had a special Thanksgiving Service, which included a […]