A Special Sunday in Raipur

Most people love Sunday. Some love the day because they get to wake up late, enjoy brunch, or go shopping. The followers of Christ love Sunday for a totally different reason. They get to come together as a church, worship God, listen to a life changing Message, and fellowship with each other. It was time […]

Transmitting Hope Across the Nation

Technology has made peoples lives a whole lot easier. It has allowed people to shop, pay bills, make bookings, collect medical reports and do so much more. The New Apostolic Church in India and Sri Lanka has also benefitted greatly: Over the last four years, almost 50 congregations in India and Sri Lanka have been part of a […]

Yousufguda’s Day of Fun and History

For the Yousufguda congregation their day at Nagarjuna Sagar was memorable for a number of reasons. It was the first outing ever for their congregation and the chosen venue was not just any place with breathtaking views and lots of facilities. Nagarjuna Sagar had an interesting story that they were waiting to hear. There was […]

Sowing Spiritual Seeds in Hejanpur

Every message based on God’s word is inspirational. Some challenge, some convict, others encourage and fill people with hope. The sermon at the Divine Service in Hejanpur was one such message. The people soaked up the word and left feeling empowered and eager to do great things for God. The souls in Solapur were ecstatic: Apostle […]