Pentecost – A Virtual Visit of the Chief Apostle

2015 was the fourth year of Pentecost Transmission in India. The Divine Service with Chief Apostle Schneider was transmitted from Zambia to 33 locations in India and Sri Lanka. In India, the transmission signal is received through an internet link from South East Asia. The receiving congregations need an internet connection, a laptop or a […]

Confirmations in India

It is a nice custom in the New Apostolic Church in India that our confirmands receive a Confirmation Certificate featuring a special letter from our Chief Apostle. The year 2015 was no different than the previous years: Young New Apostolic Christians received the confirmation blessing, which strengthened them in their endeavour to keep their vow […]

Regional DOTY in Bhilai

The Raipur District has many congregations of the New Apostolic Church, the most of which can be found in the city of Bhilai. Having a total of five congregations in the city and being the home to a large majority of the members, this city was selected to be the venue for the local DOTY […]

Blessings and Garlands

On the 10th of May all the wonderful mothers from the Kolhapur congregation were in for a treat! Their children joined together to prepare a surprise for them on their special day and everyone left with a big smile and a heart full of joy. The congregation received a double treat on the second Sunday […]